How to format usb drive in ubuntu 12.04

Posted on 12.07.2018 by Carol
Next, go to Dash and launch Drive Utility. Time and again, we need to format a USB drive in order to change the file system, to completely wipe off the data, or to get rid of a virus infecting it. You need to enter 'root' password every time you use this program It's an easy stuff.

Formatting a USB drive is very simple through the command li.

Instead of file names, it is independent from language. And although they are different, theyre similar in many functions. If youre starting out with Ubuntu, coming from Windows, this tutorial will help you understand how Ubuntu works. Select the drive that you want to format. You can format a USB both through the command line and the GUI, depending on what you are comfortable with. After complete installation it asked me to select option between gdm and lightgdm.
Format USB Drive Through the Command Line. Right-clicking the drive in Dolphin doesn't give the format opti. The instructions on ZFS on Linux call. To change kde to gnome i used apt-get install gnome command for gnome installation.