Position absolute not working

Posted on 06.06.2019 by Candie
The css file is extremecomponents. But it is not working, the div is placed at the top left corner of the page. I think it is because the position is set to be absolute but I need it to be like that. So this is my code and the position is apparently absolute.
It should adjust to the text-size and have to be always at the bottom. It's not working for me, though. I have tried by adding top and left values. It does work when I change the position to static, but it doesn't keep the position correctly. It is alway on top over my row and I don't know why.
It seems to me that the logo should be much further down the page, but it is not working as I believe it should. I'm using the esriSimpleSlider with a dijit button to trigger a GP tool. No importance to it's parent element. I am using extreme components for displaying table contents. Can anyone explain why the button is not absolute-positioning to the right. So I have a number of div's that i want underlined when they are hovered over, but it isn't working.