The big setup 11-9 angry birds

Posted on 08.06.2019 by Talitha
Launch the first Big Brother into the bottom of the first hollow stone square. If not, fire the Big Brother Bird through the wooden blocks on the left side, taking out any remaining pigs.

What was the purpose of that last bird.

Angry Birds - Season's Greedings. Aim the first bird for the small block on which the small pig is sitting. I'm not the one trying to compare what happened to the WTC to a level on angry birds. If you have any questions or comments, regarding our videos or website, feel free to e-mail us or leave a comment. Net offers news, announcements, fun and facts, as well as traditional Angry Birds Walkthrough videos for every level of the Angry Birds franchise.
First, ire the Boomerang bird backwards, spinning quickly so it hits the tallest tower. Angry Birds Guides and Walkthroughs. Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley Episode Gameplay Trailer. Watching this video walkthrough you will know how to use the birds and which points you have to hit and destroy the pigs and structures. Angry Birds Stella Don't Steal My Birthday. As the tower falls to the left, it could trigger the TNT and clear the level with only one bird. Doing so will push the wall rightward, clearing the left half of the level.