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Posted on 08.06.2019 by Admin
Registered users can express interest in properties through a variety of channels internet, text, mobile app and DigiTV. We advertise our available council or housing association properties on the Home Connections website. See All Properties takes you to a page where you can look at the properties on the site any one can use this facility but you cannot bid on any properties unless you login see above.

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This weeks advert and results takes you to a page where adverts for properties are stored. On this site you will also find links to further housing options like mutual exchange and shared ownership. Skip to main navigation Skip to main content. To complete a new application for housing please select the 'Start here' button. Please select your security question. Further information can also be found on our official Web-site click here. Housing Options takes you to a page with details on other ways of finding housing and meeting housing need.
-Please Select-- Mother's maiden name Place of Birth Favourite food Memorable year. To Log in and use the Home Connections Site, you must be registered with us first. Choice based lettings and housing options show you what properties are available each week. You can log in under the section for Registered Users.