What is the average click through rate for google adsense

Posted on 09.06.2019 by Carlotta
And if you want to get more earnings on Google Adsense refer this tips. Well, to be completely honest, it is against the Google Adsense TOS to explicitly share your CTR with others but there are some general guidelines that I can share that may be useful. If you're concerned about your CTR, we encourage you to visit our Optimization Tips for suggestions on increasing ad relevance and earnings. Register today for the upcoming AdSense On Air.
Obviously, I am not going to share what my average page view per site is as to not cross the line with Google's TOS. CTR or click through rate is the relationship between impressions and clicks. Register for Google AdSense On Air.
What's important is the value of those clicks. Is there any problem with my account since its a new account with new website. Kindly, guide me through having it activated. Better keyword targeting and negative keyword discovery can help you improve your CTRs, thereby reducing wasted spend and improving your Quality Scores. So, now you can complete your predictions using my formula discussed here for how valuable a keyword is.