How to open attachments in hotmail on ipad

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Nancee
How to Open Attachments in Hotmail. Open your Hotmail account by touching Mail and selecting your Hotmail account. A few years back if you wanted to show some photos or any other important documents to someone.
This tutorial shows you how to do this on an iPhone, but the steps are identical on iPad. I figured that if my friend needed instructions on how to set up Hotmail on iPhone, she probably wasnt the only one, hence this post How to set up Hotmail on iPhone. Nowadays, with the advent of internet and email hosting sites this task has been made incredibly easier.
While you may have limited capabilities depending on the type of attachment you've been sent, it's easy to quickly view attached files using your iPhone. If you are new to the world of internet, this may be the first time ever that you have come to know about the word attachments in emails. Try using safari and go into hotmail via the web and see if the files are there and will open, like I did.