Background size not working on ipad

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Li
IOS Safari has buggy behavior with bac. Html css ipad background-image tablet. The -webkit- and -moz- shoehorns should cover everything dating back to the Jurassic age of CSS, you might think, but heres where you might get a bit of a surprise. I set the background-size color to the body and everything works fine except ipad.
The image is supposed to be fixed and fill the screen. As you scroll down, the next row appears and you get a nice parallax effect. It works, but not like it should. Take a look at this on browser and for the error on iPad.
To create a full-page background image on the body. Ipad just ignored that property and set the oridginal background image to the top left corner. We can target the current orientation as well as the iOS device, using device-width. Not all browsers recognize the cover keyword for background-size, and as a result, simply ignore it. Background-size is supported on Safari. In combination with SVG images, it leaves them at the original size while other browsers stretch the vector image correctly while leaving the height at the specified number of pixels. Thedoc check this page out and see if you can figure it out.