How to check how much memory you have on macbook air

Posted on 08.11.2018 by Denise
You can change this preference below. It's at the bottom-left of the Activity Monitor window. Its no secret that each window in the Finder eats up RAM.

This invokes a good old Activity Monitor that should tell how much free memory youve got left.

Floating rainbow wheels aside, you may notice your Mac now takes ages to load. How do you know your Mac is low on memory. It's where you keep things permanently. It's the blue and white face icon in the dock at the bottom of your Mac. It's called a drive even thought there are no moving parts, and it looks and behaves like a Hard Drive to the system. On most machines, storage is on a Hard Drive or Hard Disk HD, so named to distinguish it from the ancient Floppy Disk. It's where what you're working on is kept while you're working on it.
If memory pressure graph is yellow, your Mac is starting to use a lot of memory. The Air uses Solid State transistor storage, called a Solid State Drive SSD. Youll be also thrown warning messages as Your system has run out of application memory. How to change the color of your MacBook Pro and Mac Book Air LED Apple logo.